Case Study – Kentish Town Health Centre

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Located on a tight urban site, the new Kentish Town Health Centre sits behind a selection of mature trees embracing a composition of forms and materials that respect both the scale and the materiality of the surrounding residential setting. Although its primarily function is for health and medicine, the building was also designed as a civic venue; as a gallery for displaying local artists’ work, a space where local groups meet, and a base for neighbourhood initiatives.

The ethos of the centre was established at the briefing stage, that being to create a building that expressed a new, holistic approach to healthcare, and to create an inspiring and uplifting environment for staff and users alike.

The majority of the functional spaces within the centre have been designed so that they are not regarded as the territory of one service or discipline. On the ground and first floors all consultation and treatment rooms are available for each practice or service to book via the centralised administration system.

Above all, the new Kentish Town Health Centre replaces its predecessor with a new standard of healthcare building. The abiding impression for the patients and staff is that of a light and airy building, well connected into the fabric of the neighbourhood, which evidently provides the community with a valuable resource in terms of a health facility and a civic venue in a considered addition to the local built environment. Despite the extent of accommodation achieved on the site, such a flexible building not only benefits the efficient delivery of services currently provided at the centre, but also enables simple adaptations to suit future uses.

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