Case Study 2 – John Hope Gateway

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Project Name: John Hope Gateway

Building Type: Public

Location: Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

Architect: Edward Cullinan Architects

Project: The John Hope Gateway provides a threshold to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh with exhibitions, a media studio, shops, a restaurant and a new bio-diversity garden.

Materials Featured: Glue-Laminated Timber, Cross laminated Timber, Structural Veneer Lumber, Douglas Fir and Scottish Larch.

Case Study 5 – Creagan Gorm

Creagan Gorm Cottages provide functional, robust and affordable social housing for key workers in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park.

Carbon Conscious Towns Case Studies

These Case Studies identify two towns in Scotland working on the ground to deliver on the 8 Principles of a Carbon Conscious Place: Dumfries and Leven

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