Case Study 2 – John Hope Gateway

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Project Name: John Hope Gateway

Building Type: Public

Location: Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

Architect: Edward Cullinan Architects

Project: The John Hope Gateway provides a threshold to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh with exhibitions, a media studio, shops, a restaurant and a new bio-diversity garden.

Materials Featured: Glue-Laminated Timber, Cross laminated Timber, Structural Veneer Lumber, Douglas Fir and Scottish Larch.

Case Study 5 – Creagan Gorm

Creagan Gorm Cottages provide functional, robust and affordable social housing for key workers in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park.

Case Study 36 – Brockloch Bothy

This off-grid modular holiday home features a Cross Laminated Timber structure kept cosy with Sheep’s Wool insulation.

Case Study 35 – Cultybraggan Hut One

Originally conceived as a temporary building, this WW2 Nissen hut has been secured for another generation using innovative construction materials.

Case Study 32 – Castlemilk Stables

Castlemilk stables required indent stone repairs showing best practice principles by retaining as much of the historic stonework as possible.

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