James Hamilton Academy – Classroom Hack Video

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The James Hamilton Academy at Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire will be replaced by a new learning campus which is currently under construction.  A small group of five volunteer 3rd year students started working on a shed design project guided by their tech teacher, with the aspiration to take this shed to their new school once completed. Architecture and Design Scotland facilitated a mini classroom “hack”, working closely with teachers and pupils to help them understand how they could use their classroom space better, and make the space work harder to respond to their educational needs. Through exploring different settings the teachers and pupils realised how different spatial designs can affect learning environments, and for this particular project, how they can then transfer this learning to their shed project. 

Campbeltown Grammar: Try Before You Buy

Pupils and teachers have been at the heart of a project creating a working exhibition space in Campbeltown Grammar exploring new ways of learning.

SERVICE: Design Advice for Schools

A&DS offers a design support to education authorities offering an external view, peer support, facilitation and learning networks.

20 Inspiring Learning Spaces

A leaflet summarising the learning from 20 individual Inspiring Please Spaces projects, supporting the Inspiring Learning Spaces publication.

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