Interior Design for Schools: New Ideas for Old Buildings

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The Schools Programme is working with two secondary schools, James Gillespie’s High School in Edinburgh and Campbeltown Grammar, to test new interior design settings for the Curriculum for Excellence.

An exhibition took place in the Urban Room, Waverley Court from 19th to 23rd March 2012 to promote the projects and demonstrate the impact design can have on a school.

James Gillespie’s High School is being replaced as part of the Schools for the Future programme. During the construction phase, 600 senior pupils are being decanted to Darroch, a Victorian C-listed building. Working with A&DS, a new learning space will be created with new interior designs piloted.

Part of Campbeltown Grammar recently underwent a major refurbishment, creating a large collaborative learning space by opening up corridors and classrooms. This allows teaching and learning to take place in both small and large groups. A film showing how Campbeltown was transformed will be shown at the exhibition and some of the furniture used will be on display.

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