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Past winner Ryan Canning's entry to the Student Awards 2016
Architecture and Design Scotland Sustainable Design Award Winning Project: The Copiapó Brine Network Ryan Canning and Gabriela Mill – University of Strathclyde

A&DS and RIAS Scottish Student Awards for Architecture 2021

Entries to the A&DS and RIAS Scottish Student Awards for Architecture are now open!

Once you have registered for free, you will receive an email with a link to complete your submission. If you do not receive your email within 30 minutes (remember to check your junk folder) or have any issues submitting please contact

Submissions close noon on Monday 23rd August 2021.

The student awards are a mark of the continuing high standards of Scottish architectural education and ensure that both construction professionals and the public can enjoy the creativity and vision of Scotland’s future architects. View the 2020 shortlist and winners here.

PLEASE NOTE: Students must be RIAS members in order to submit an entry. Joining the RIAS as a student member is simple and FREE! View member benefits and join online here.


Climate Beacons Logo Featuring a radar beaming over a Scotland.

Climate Beacons for COP26

The Climate Beacons have now been announced, these 7 hubs will take shape over the coming months, culminating in COP26!
Each Beacon is a partnership of two or more organisations from the cultural and climate sectors. The organisations, many of which have not previously worked together, range from museums, libraries and arts centres to environmental bodies, academic institutions and community trusts.
They will bring together shared resources and knowledge to provide a welcoming physical and virtual space in their region for the public, artists and cultural sector professionals, environmental NGOs, scientists and policymakers.


Screenshot of our newsletter which can be read below

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You can view the April newsletter here Featuring: thoughts on how Scotland has adapted to lockdown, one year on by Jim MacDonald (Chief Executive of A&DS), updates on WhatIf…?/ for Scotland Venice in Dundee and more.

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A decorative illustration of a town centre with people sitting and standing in a park, there is a yellow tram in the background and varied buildings surrounding a square

Corporate Strategy 2021 – 2031

It’s live! Our Corporate Strategy sets out our vision for the coming decade – a Scotland whose places are healthy, sustainable and thriving, where everyone works together to shape their future. #greatplacesscotland
Read it in full here:

An inbetween space by the stairway in an atrium at the riverside campus in the City of Glasgow College. Purple lit panels lie on each floor.
Vast atrium with wooden staircase.

Three New Further Education Case Studies

From our latest research into learning spaces, we present good practice on designing for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), social learning and in-between spaces.


Timber panel for a corner of a house complete with window, being lowered into place
Image: Makar Construction

Blog: Offsite for diversification not standardisation – a reflection on A&DS new Housing Case Studies

Robert Hairstans of Edinburgh Napier University reflects on our new Case Studies in terms of offsite construction adoption in Scotland.

Banner image of Rainbow drawn with chalk on a large black gate to a house, Text reads: A&DS 2020 Annual Reveiw

Annual Review 2020: Our Year in Review

“At the start of 2020 we were looking forward to our usual busy programme of workshops, engagements and events, all while preparing our corporate strategy for the next decade and our contribution to the Venice architecture Biennale. But we all know what happened next.”

Ann Allen, A&DS Chair

In our Annual Review for 2020, we look at how, despite the challenges of lockdown, we continued to deliver high quality work. In a year where many of us had rediscovered our local areas on our daily walks, we continued to champion Carbon Conscious Places and the delivery of good design across Scotland. Our review features highlights from our work across the year, a look at our achievements and stories of our people – how our team responded to lockdown over the year.


An illustration showing a misty landscape with a pavilion in the background. It is lit from inside and features a permeable wall. Two people are walking in the foreground.
Student Awards 2020: A look at this year’s winners

Studying architecture in 2020 has been challenging. We spoke to the 2020 A&DS & RIAS Student Award winners Lily Whitehouse, Guro Vold and Linda Ledina to hear their views on how architecture can build back better in our first part of  two interviews | Read this interview piece here.

The image shows a wooden structure in the garden at Palazzo Zenobio with children playing on it.

The Happenstance: Dispatches

The Happenstance / Scotland + Venice (made up of Creative Scotland, British Council and National Galleries of Scotland) was Scotland’s critically acclaimed contribution to the 16th International Architecture exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia in 2018. It was curated by WAVEparticle. We have recently published a series of twelve publications or ‘dispatches’, exploring the themes and learning from the project. Through the twelve dispatches the story unfolds… the reasons, inspirations, people, places, connections, legacy… | View the full archive here.

An illustration of a town area showing design features that promote ways to reduce our impact on the climate. It shows good drainage, trees as well as walkable areas.

Designing for a Changing Climate – Report

We launched our Designing for a Changing Climate Report. The report looks at how we can future proof Scotland’s places against the more extreme impacts of Climate Change and address carbon emissions by improving our self-sufficiency. Read the full Designing for a Changing Climate Report here.

A black and white logo of the A&DS and RIAS Student Awards for Architecture

A&DS and RIAS Student Awards for Architecture 2020 – The Results

We’ve published the winners for the A&DS and RIAS Scottish Student Awards Full video and list. Thanks to Jude Barber, director of Collective Architecture, for announcing the shortlist and giving her talk at the annual Andy MacMillan Lecture, which is also published online. For the full list of winners –  click here. 


A&DS Corporate Plan 2021-24

This is our Corporate Plan for 2021-24, outlining how we aim to work to deliver our Corporate Strategy.

Annual Review 2020: Our Year in Review

Despite the challenges of lockdown, and the closure of our offices, A&DS has continued to deliver high quality and important work. We review our year.

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