Input + Ideas: Matt Bridgestock on Scotland’s Architecture Policy

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Architecture based on local resources promotes enterprise, new products and ideas. Creating efficient buildings means they cost less to run in the long term. Together they can reduce our carbon emissions and give long lasting, contemporary buildings rooted in their place.

Matt Bridgestock, Director, John Gilbert Architects

Nominated Project: Glentress Peel Visitor Centre, Peebles

A&DS Corporate Plan 2021-24

This is our Corporate Plan for 2021-24, outlining how we aim to work to deliver our Corporate Strategy.

Annual Review 2020: Our Year in Review

Despite the challenges of lockdown, and the closure of our offices, A&DS has continued to deliver high quality and important work. We review our year.

Annual Review 2020: Our People

As part of our Annual Review of 2020 we asked staff and board members to reflect on their experiences in 2020.

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