Learning Towns: Innovative Whole School Exemplars – The Toolbox (Gareth Hoskins Architects)

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As part of a ‘Whole School Exemplars’ project involving 5 architects and designers with different styles and skill bases, this piece of work was commissioned to develop ideas from an earlier initiative by The Lighthouse, Senses of Place.

This particular report looked at ways in which the learning environment could re-orientate pupils to their particular localities, out with the walls of the school. It seeks to demonstrate that ‘learning environments’ are not just school buildings and their grounds, but potentially the wider environment also.


You can find out more about the project, and view the other exemplars.


Developing Whole Town Models – Hubs for Learning (Gareth Hoskins Architects)

Following on from the ‘Whole School Exemplars’ report series, the 5 architects involved in this project were asked to develop their concepts into ‘Whole Town Models’ – a range of feasible architectural concepts based on a real case study in an ‘urban’ context.

In this report, Gareth Hoskins Architects have posed the question – could we have a School without School-Buildings? Schooling already happens outwith the conventional uses of a school building, but what would it look like if it relied more on the town; using existing, vacant or unused spaces to enrich the school experience, while creating real and lasting benefits to the town as a whole. For more information see the report and video.


Senses of Place: Learning Towns

The ‘Senses of Place: Learning Towns’ initiative is designed specifically to deliver Curriculum for Excellence in the places we live.

Carbon Conscious Towns Case Studies

These Case Studies identify two towns in Scotland working on the ground to deliver on the 8 Principles of a Carbon Conscious Place: Dumfries and Leven

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