Housing to 2040 Report: Urban Regeneration, Granton, Edinburgh

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During the summer of 2019 Architecture and Design Scotland hosted four workshops across Scotland exploring the future of housing in Scotland.

The workshop supported the Scottish Government’s forthcoming Housing to 2040 consultation, and invited a number of professionals and community members across the country to look to review a number of real-life projects from across Scotland to identify “what good looks like” and what skills and resources are needed to achieve this.

Urban Regeneration at Granton, Edinburgh

This workshop in the Housing to 2040 Summer Engagement Series took place in mid-August 2019 in Pennywell, North Edinburgh. It reflected on the emerging Granton Masterplan and what lessons can be learnt from it for large-scale urban regeneration.


The day began with a visit from Aileen Campbell MSP, the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government. As a starting point for discussion, the workshop examined the Pennywell 21st Century Homes development, which lies at the edge of the masterplan area.


Ms Campbell and a sub-group visited the new Pennywell housing site. Then followed by a facilitated group discussion reflecting on the development in relation to the Granton Masterplan – exploring how lessons from Pennywell were applied to the Masterplan, and how public-private partnership models can support the creation of diverse housing, alignment of infrastructure investment and re-imagining city areas through creative use of housing investment.

Following the Cabinet Secretary’s departure, A&DS and Scottish Government facilitators introduced Housing to 2040, and City of Edinburgh Council officials introduced the emerging Granton Masterplan. The group then used the Place Standard tool to examine and discuss the qualities of the masterplan.

Session 2 comprised a group discussion of lessons learned to inform the Housing to 2040’s vision and route map.


This report has been prepared by Architecture and Design Scotland. It includes outputs from a series of workshops commissioned by the Scottish Government. The views expressed in this report reflect the output from the sessions. The views are not those of the Scottish Government or A&DS.

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