Housing to 2040 Report: Suburban Infill at Fraser Avenue, Inverkeithing

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During the summer of 2019 Architecture and Design Scotland hosted four workshops across Scotland exploring the future of housing in Scotland.

The workshop supported the Scottish Government’s forthcoming Housing to 2040 consultation, and invited a number of professionals and community members across the country to look to review a number of real-life projects from across Scotland to identify “what good looks like” and what skills and resources are needed to achieve this.

Suburban Infill at Fraser Avenue, Inverkeithing

The final workshop of the Housing to 2040 series was held on 11 September 2019 at the Civic Centre in Inverkeithing. It focused on housing growth through suburban infill. By examining the regeneration of Inverkeithing’s Fraser Avenue, it explored how the public sector and housing associations are working together – and engaging the community – in delivering improved housing, while enhancing the assets of a place.

In the first session of the day, the group used the Place Standard tool to examine the outcome of Fraser Avenue’s redeveloped housing for the community. The discussion – with community representatives, housing professionals and councillors – assessed how the neighbourhood’s re-imagined public realm and new homes have improved the residents’ wellbeing.

Aileen Campbell MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government, then joined the group at the Civic Centre. Following an introduction and group discussion, the Cabinet Secretary joined workshop participants for a site visit to Fraser Avenue’s new housing.

Collaborating with Residents

In the second session of the day, the group shared and discussed the lessons to be learnt for Housing to 2040 from the experience at Fraser Avenue. Themes that emerged included the importance of actively involving and collaborating with residents; the value of leadership and partnerships in building sustainable communities; the importance of tailored housing; and getting the balance right for a particular community in terms of streetscape, green spaces, amenities and housing types.

The outcome of regeneration at Fraser Avenue, as discussed in the workshop, provides compelling evidence of the positive impact such regeneration can have with regards two national priorities: reducing health inequalities and addressing the climate challenge.


This report has been prepared by Architecture and Design Scotland. It includes outputs from a series of workshops commissioned by the Scottish Government. The views expressed in this report reflect the output from the sessions. The views are not those of the Scottish Government or A&DS.

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