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We work with developers and Local Authorities to achieve good design and placemaking in new housing proposals. We prioritise the quality of experience for people that will live there and who will experience the places from day to day. Our role is also to improve the outcome of the development for neighbouring communities, ensuring that housing developments integrate into existing places.

Who is it for?

We bring together developers and local authorities to collaborate. We provide support on request by planners or developers.  To make sure we can reach across all of Scotland, we generally see a maximum of two projects per year in a local authority.

How we can help

The type and timing of the advice we provide is tailored to each housing project. However, it normally begins at an early design stage and concludes ahead of a planning application. It is generally delivered through workshops.

Early workshops establish shared aims for a site, recognising both local needs, the physical context and the business case. We share examples and lessons from elsewhere.

Half way through we help build consensus and confidence around emerging design and placemaking proposals.

At the final reporting stage we help assess the design in relation to project aims and national standards.

For all projects we require:

  • Engagement at an early stage of design development.
  • Mutual willingness to participate by both developer and planning authority.
  • Land use proposals that are consistent with the Local Development Plan.

If you want to find out how our work meets the needs of local communities please click here.

Get in touch

If you are looking for Design Advice on a Housing Project please get in touch.

The support we provide to housing project may flow from our earlier work in our Pre-Design Service. 

What You Said

The involvement of A&DS in discussions – which the process allowed us to tailor to concentrate on issues we had concerns over – was valuable in the sense that it added an experienced, ‘neutral’ voice to the discussions. 

Development Management Planner

Excellent and most helpful dialogue over the four workshops… Very worthwhile time spent, which has positively contributed to the proposed site design and typologies.

National Housebuilder Client

OUR WORK: Empowering Communities

A&DS supports communities, providing advice and support and we promote the benefits of community engagement and share examples of good work.

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