Housing Typologies: Towers, Corners and Markers

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A sample of individual buildings with a role in the wider landscape or townscape. This fifth of seven in our typologies series looks at the role of towers, corners and markers in the Scottish landscape. Illustrated by mapping, photography and scale drawings, our aim is to show the linkage between design of the house and the place of which it forms a part.

From the tower house to craggy skylines and the Kirk, built form in Scotland includes many landmark buildings; whether marked out against the background of other buildings or the landscape, by their scale and distinctive detail, or responding imaginatively to the quirks of Scottish topography and visual context.

Such landmarks create diversity and incident in the visual townscape, contributing to the ‘legibility’ of local streets.

Here we look at examples of housing designed as landmarks or way markers.

Here we illustrate built examples where architects and urban designers have sought to reconcile contemporary living with the wider roles and functions of the individual house that are integral to placemaking.

Part of the Key Placemaking Issues: Housing series of articles and documents.

Housing Typologies: Edge

This piece explores a sample of housing forming edges to parks, public open space and the wider landscape.

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