Homes for an Ageing Population

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For the second in its series of colloquia, Architecture and Design Scotland explored the question ?’What should be done to make sure that our houses and homes are suitable for an ageing population?’.

The event was Chaired by A&DS Advisory Board Member, Margaret Hickish. It began with stimulating presentations by guest speakers Professor June Andrews (the University of Stirling’s Dementia Services Development Centre) and Richard Pollock (Burnett Pollock Associates). The audience then broke into groups to discuss: What are the good and bad points about the housing stock already built?; What are the good and bad points about the housing now being built?; and What do we need to change to meet the aspirations of the increasing number of older people?

The summary report of this event contains the trigger paper by the guest speakers and the notes from the group discussion. It forms part of the Scottish Executive’s programme ?’Age and Experience: Consultation on the Strategy for a Scotland with an Ageing Population’.


As Found: Lost Practice

The As Found: Lost Practice exhibition was shown as part of the Scotland + Venice exhibition

Scottish Scenic Routes

Competitions as part of the widely acclaimed Scottish Scenic Routes initiative was launched on Monday 10 August 2015.

A&DS Annual Review 2014 published

Architecture and Design Scotland has published its Annual Review of 2014 outlining a wide range of work and activities across Scotland.

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