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Our Health Design Advice service, delivered with Health Facilities Scotland, helps those who commission new, or substantially redeveloped, facilities. The service helps set strategic design standards for the project by linking the business objectives to the quality of environment for patients and staff.

What attributes does the facility need to have to let people deliver and receive services?

How can the investment bring additional benefits to the community?

Who is it for?

We work with those involved in commissioning health and social care facilities in Scotland. We also support Health Boards to consider the future shape of their estate.  The service also engages with partners in Local Authorities when they develop community wide approaches to the infrastructure they need to underpin the 2020 Vision.

How we can help


We help set strategic design standards for projects linking business objectives with quality environments. We support the development of a design statement to illustrate what success might look like. Architecture and Design Scotland also shares recent good practice. We help identify a specific vision for the project. This vision is embedded in the business case process.

Architecture and Design Scotland supports those who deliver the project to test designs against the standards and the vision agreed. We advise Scottish Government on the potential of projects to deliver the environment needed. Our advice can also be used to support consideration of planning applications.

This work (termed the NHSScotland Design Assessment Process) is an integral part of the Scottish Government Health & Social Care Directorate’s ‘Scottish Capital Investment Manual’. This establishes the process for NHS procurement. By embedding design considerations within the business case process, NHSScotland recognises that the principles of good design – such as integration into the community and a sense of place – makes a measurable impact on patients, visitors and staff.

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What You Said
“The comments and the support we have had has without doubt driven the design forward in a very positive direction and we now have a much better building for the same cost as a result of the process.  Patients and staff will have a significantly better experience as a result.  The questions posed… have driven the whole team to deliver a better solution.”


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