Health and wellbeing – The contribution of the arts and humanities

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A&DS is happy to promote the publication “Health and wellbeing – The contribution of the arts and humanities”.

This booklet highlights a small fraction of the extraordinary work being undertaken by arts and humanities researchers, in partnership with other Research Councils, with health professionals, doctors and medical practitioners, support staff, care groups, charities, cultural organisations, community groups, policy-makers, other funders and many others. Through these partnerships researchers use their insight, knowledge and creativity to address some of the most pressing challenges we face as individuals and as a society

Diarmaid Lawlor, Head of Urbanism with A&DS comments on the work

The experts in any place are the people who live and work there. Your research is an excellent opportunity to learn about some of the key issues affecting the present and future of places. This form of collaboration is essential to informing sustainable decisions about change and we would be delighted to share the outcomes with colleagues in Government.


Place and leadership

The cross-party group of the Scottish Parliament on Architecture and the Built Environment were presented with the findings of...

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