Have Your Say: A&DS Corporate Strategy 2017-2020 – Consultation

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Well-designed buildings and places add to people’s wellbeing and support a sustainable future for our country. They make best use of our finite resources, offer choice and opportunity and provide a sense of identity to our communities.

As Scotland’s design champion, our purpose is to promote the value of good architecture and sustainable places. We do this through a range of advisory, support and promotional work.

This plan outlines what we propose to do over the next three years to fulfil our role. It sets out what we hope to achieve, how we will work and the things we will do. In addition, it explains how we will evaluate the impact of our work.

The work on our new strategy began with a reflection on our current strategic objectives, the work we do to achieve those and how we evaluate the impact of our work. In the A&DS Corporate Strategy Consultation Document we have set out our vision, identified new objectives and established how we will work to achieve these.

At this point in the development of our plan we would like to hear from you. As our work relies on collaboration with a range of individuals and organisations it is important to us that you have a say in what we do. Your views will augment our own thinking and ensure our work is focussed on the most important issues – the issues that matter to you.

We are inviting comments from individuals, groups and organisations. Please look through the A&DS Corporate Strategy Consultation Document – throughout the document there are sections highlighted, reflecting the questions asked in the online consultation. We would like to receive your submissions by 31st October 2016.

If you have any questions, comments or would like to discuss our Corporate Strategy please get in touch with us at info@ads.org.uk or 0131 556 6699

About A&DS

Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) is Scotland's national champion for good architecture, design and planning in the built environment

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