Greenspace Scotland Community Placemaking review

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greenspace scotland Community Placemaking review

A&DS has assisted greenspace scotland as part of their review of community placemaking. An evaluation of 11 Placemaking projects identified that the involvement of local communities in Community Placemaking is helping the transformation of local spaces and neighbourhoods.

It was found that the placemaking principle of ‘testing ideas’ in the short term to inform longer term projects and investment was very effective. Communities reported an increase in their skills and confidence, ‘proof of need for what we are doing’, ‘helped us get more resources and funding’ and ‘given us more clout!’

A shared learning and good practice event, hosted at A&DS’s office, invited presentations from local groups to bring together; and support, a knowledge hub and peer learning network of Community Placemakers.

The event explored 11 key underlying ideas:

  1. the community is the expert – involvement must be early and continuous
  2. you are creating a place not just a design – design is only one tool in creating a place; more than a “project”; placemaking is an ongoing process
  3. you can’t do it alone – success depends on partnerships
  4. they always say it can’t be done – there are always obstacles, but don’t let them stop you
  5. you can see a lot just by observing – start by looking at how spaces are really working
  6. develop a vision – be ambitious and create long term goals
  7. form supports function – good designs help people to use a place
  8. work on the connections – cluster and connect uses reach out to other areas
  9. start with the petunias – short term experiments as a way to test concepts phased implementation enhanced community involvement
  10. money is not the issue – money follows vision
  11. you are never finished – management is key

The greenspace scotland webpage provides links to the:

‘Investigating the impact’ report

Case Studies of 3 Community Placemaking projects: Ardrishaig village; Mill Park, Haldane; Laurieston, Gorbals.

A copy of the presentation from the A&DS hosted networking and sharing practice event.


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