GREEN2014 Growing Food in Small Spaces Workshop

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As part of our GREEN 2014 programme on 25 April A&DS held a growing Food in Small Spaces workshop in partnership with Urban Roots. Building on the themes of the Green 2014 exhibition, which looks at actively engaging with your environment, sustainable food production and the Glasgow wide network of Stalled Spaces the workshop provided participants with practical experience and handy hints and tips for growing food in containers.

As what you can grow depends on what space you have the workshop leaders from Urban Roots encouraged participants to draw the space they had available which ranged from small outside garden areas, large but exposed rooftops, tenement windowsills, a north facing balcony, a basement courtyard to hanging space of a window in student halls, with the windowsill already occupied by books. Participants were given handy hints and tips on what they could grow in certain areas, and how to make the spaces more suitable for planting- for example, and extra plastic bag over the plants to create a mini greenhouse.

The workshop explored a plethora of containers that could be using for planting – from plastic drinks bottles, to food containers, old compost bags and even willies – reiterating the importance of good drainage. It was stressed that it was wiser to spend money on good seeds and compost than containers. The participants all planted individual containers to take home with a variety of crops including, chillies, pea shoots, tomatoes, salads and cuttings of mint and rosemary.

“I enjoyed the laid back, welcoming atmosphere and enjoyed potting and taking home plants”

“Brilliant, great lunch-time session!”

In conjunction with Urban Roots A&DS have produced a handy leaflet to help you get started with your own container vegetable plot.

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