Green Business Strategies

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Integrating a new approach into a company or organisation’s processes can be daunting and time consuming.

Sust. has provided a level of support to facilitate the introduction and mainstreaming of sustainable design within a number of live projects. This work is ongoing and as new projects are completed information will be uploaded and refreshed. Examples of work underway include a number of Post Occupancy Evaluation studies and support for the Dundee Eco House project. Completed projects include:

East Dunbartonshire Council: a framework was drawn up to allow the client to develop a green brief for a PPP-funded educational campus.

Cala Homes: assistance was provided to this private housing developer to help make their design brief and production processes more environmentally considered.

Both of these projects were led by Parr Architects.

Materials Library Online Resource

A new online sustainable materials resource for construction professionals, architects, builders and home owners has been launched.

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