Geovation Challenge 2017: Greener, Smarter Communities

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Would you like to develop an idea using smart technologies to improve our communities, with the potential to build this into a sustainable business?

The next Geovation Challenge is looking for innovative solutions that will help make our communities greener, smarter and sustainable. Entrants will be in with a chance of winning an all-expenses paid place at the 3-day Geovation Camp and Conference in London in February 2018.

Geovation Challenge Workshops

To help you understand the problems and give you a head start in entering the competition, Geovation are holding workshops around Britain – workshops that could change your life and help save the planet!

Register for a workshop:  Exeter / Manchester /Glasgow

The Geovation Challenge process is fantastic. It has elevated us from having an idea to being a commercially-viable company with no debt that is exporting services to the United States and working with well-known brands and institutions’ Dan Raven-Ellison, National Park City Foundation.

The workshops provide valuable insight into the essentials of starting and developing your business and developing location-based ideas. They will delve into the problems of improving health and wellbeing, supporting local economies, enabling sustainable living, and enhancing the natural environment. You’ll find out what we mean by ‘innovation’ and apply the Geovation formula, “Innovation = Problem x Solution x Execution”. The workshops explore each of these aspects, giving you a toolkit of resources to help you focus and elevate any idea proposition to build a sustainable, scalable business. Hear from innovation experts and find out what makes current Geovation ventures successful.

Winners of the Geovation Challenge will be invited to an all-expenses paid place at the 3-day Geovation Camp and Conference in London in February 2018. This camp will equip you with the tools to build a sustainable business and create a pitch to maximise your chance of success.  There will be the opportunity to pitch for funding or a place on the  Geovation Programme, the perfect funded accelerator to get your GeoTech business off the ground.

The Challenge will open on 4 October 2017 and is open to UK-based organisations or residents, aged 18 or over.

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