Expert Line-up for Skills Expo 2010

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Fiona Hyslop, Minister for Culture and External Relations, will address the Scottish Design Skills Symposium in Dundee on the 1st of September in 2010. The Symposium will bring together a strong panel of experts to work with participants to explore ways we can build better places to meet the challenge of climate change. Meeting this challenge requires us to ‘think and do’ differently; it means different ways of planning, design and delivery. The Skills Symposium draws together a panel of experts from these fields, along with academics and practitioners from Scotland and abroad.

The final line up for the symposium is:

Day 1 (31st August):

MC: Jim MacDonald (Chief Executive, A&DS)
Opening address: Karen Anderson (Chair of A&DS)
Chair for Session 1: Craig McLaren (Head of Scottish Centre for Regeneration)
Presentation 1: ‘Delivering Better Places Research’ Professor David Adams (Ian Mactaggart Chair of Property and Urban Studies, University of Glasgow)
Presentation 2: ‘Design for low carbon buildings and places’: Professor Howard Liddell (GAIA Architects)
Facilitated workshop: Mix of design, delivery and sustainability experts
Chair for session 2: Jim MacDonald (Chief Executive, A&DS)
Presentation 1: ‘Context for Designing Streets’ Keith Gowenlock (Senior Technical Director of WSP Development & Transportation)
Presentation 2: ‘Streets as a framework for better places’ Karen Esselmont (Ironside Farrar)
Presentation 3: ‘Technical street design issues’ David Nicol (WSP)

Day 2 (1st September):

MC: Jim MacDonald (Chief Executive, A&DS)
Ministerial address: Fiona Hyslop MSP (Minister for Culture)
Masterclass: Designing and delivering low carbon people places-lessons from Malmo: Professor Klas Tham, Lund University and Senior consultant to Gehl Architects
Facilitated workshop: Mix of design, delivery and sustainability experts
Design Review: Chaired by Jill Malvenan (Head of Design Review, A&DS)



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