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In Disappearing Glasgow acclaimed photographer and filmmaker, Chris Leslie, examines Glasgow’s process of demolishing Glasgow’s contentious estates. For some they are blights on the city’s international reputation, for some an important attempt to redefine the way we live and for others they were home.

In addition to Chris’s stunning images, also included are six short essays by renowned architects, commentators and academics, further illuminating the conundrum of Glasgow’s modernist heritage. The result is a book that is stimulating, haunting and moving in equal measure. Extracts and images from the book are available here.

Below are extracts from Resonate – Karen Anderson’s contribution to the book, about the Gallowgate. The book informs the exhibition Disappearing Glasgow which runs in Gallery 2, The Lighthouse, between 19 January – 19 February 2017

[By then] their reputation had hit rock bottom and they were viewed, along with the Red Road flats, as the most grim in Glasgow. However many watched with regret their slow ‘top down’ destruction: less spectacular than the explosions of their contemporaries and more prominent neighbours to the north…

For residents in failing neighbourhoods it is usually also a long haul and a familiar pattern emerges: those who like the area and their neighbours but suffer from the ineffectiveness of policing and management decisions have a choice: they either leave and start afresh elsewhere, or stay, to activate, or hope for, change…

For most of us our former homes, schools and streets have a real resonance that is important for our wellbeing and sense of who we are. We need to cherish that more. Around the Gallowgate there has been much change, not all of it of good quality, and the retention of community landmarks among the cleared sites and new buildings therefore is all the more important for the community that remains.

Karen Anderson – Architect and Chair of Architecture and Design Scotland

Disappearing Glasgow Book – published by Freight Books.
Images by Chris Leslie.

Exhibition: Disappearing Glasgow

A multimedia exhibition and book ‘Disappearing Glasgow’ by Chris Leslie documents an era of spectacular change in Glasgow.

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