Design Skills Symposium 2014 – Sharing the Learning

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A follow up event to the Design Skills Symposium 2014 took place on November 6th 2014  at The Lighthouse, Glasgow.

The busy programme included a workshop on lessons learned, a visit to the Athletes village and Cuningar Loop, and an evening lecture by Professor Rob Adams, Director of City Design, Melbourne, and Professor Alan Pert, Nord Architecture on re-making cities through their public spaces.

The report from the event and associated documents are now available to download or to view on issuu.

Details of the related Postcode 3000 Exhibition, including presentations telling the story of the transformation of Melbourne’s city centre are available here.

The Design Skills Symposium follow up event was delivered in collaboration with the Local Authority Urban Design Forum. The Forestry Commission and CCG, provided guided site visits for participants.

Place and leadership

The cross-party group of the Scottish Parliament on Architecture and the Built Environment were presented with the findings of...

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