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Thank you to all the participants, speakers and facilitators who attended the Design Skills Symposium for two intensive days at the Emirates Arena, Glasgow. We will be publishing a range of materials as part of the follow up from the event.

If you want to check out the presentations from Day 1 please click here:

Below is a newsletter summing up Day 1

And a newsletter summing up Day 2

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We have gathered a number of photos from the event in a Flickr set

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Our Line-up:
Day One keynote speaker is Geoffrey London, the Government Architect for Victoria, Australia. He will speak about Australia’s experiences of the placemaking legacy of the Commonwealth Games as well as introducing how design is being used to catalyse exciting changes in Melbourne and the state of Victoria.

On Day Two we have two keynote speakers looking at design as a strategic tool in making places better. Ali Grehan, Dublin City architect and co-ordinator of Dublin’s bid for the World Design Capital 2014, will speak about design as a tool for re-shaping the economy. Gert Urhahn, an urban designer based in Amsterdam, is looking at the relationship between citizens and their city and has most recently published a book on the Spontaneous City, looking at how design can deliver new possibilities in existing places.

We are also pleased to announce the facilitators that will be leading the Design Skills Symposium on 20-21st March 2014. The facilitators at the Design Skills Symposium will be Béla Kezy, Dermot Foley and Lawrence Barth.

Béla Kezy is a founder and senior consultant of MEGAKOM development Consultants and ICG Ex Ante Consulting Ltd. in Hungary. He has 15 years’ experience of supporting numerous regions and towns in designing development strategies and implementing specific development projects. His specialities include sustainable urban development, modern public management and the EU’s Cohesion Policy. Bela is involved with URBACT, a European exchange and learning programme promoting sustainable urban development.

Dermot Foley is a landscape architect, and has taught landscape architecture in Ireland, the UK and France. Dermot is part of a European funded research project TURAS (Transitioning Towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability). The TURAS initiative brings urban communities and businesses together with local authorities and researchers to collaborate on developing practical new solutions for more sustainable and resilient European cities. The research involves the implementation of pilot programmes for the creative reuse of vacant, derelict or unused land and buildings.

Lawrence Barth is Professor of Urbanism at the Graduate School of the Architectural Association, where he has worked to position the Housing and Urbanism Programme at the interface of architecture and urban strategy. Lawrence developed and coordinates a research cluster entitled The Architecture of Innovation. This cluster integrates architectural work at the AA into the multi-disciplinary efforts to develop a dynamic urbanism for today’s knowledge economy. He participates in an international research network on the growth of global mega-cities and the urban transformations associated with the knowledge economy.

The Symposium seeks learning from preparations for the Glasgow 2014, XX Commonwealth Games, highlighting transferrable lessons for all of Scotland’s places.

The investments and initiatives related to the games are influencing transformational change in many places and communities. On the basis of the learning points emerging, the 2014 Design Skills Symposium will explore how a focus on smarter use of assets, mainstreaming sustainability and community involvement can help to build the conditions for greater urban and economic resilience.

The event is being developed by A&DS in partnership with the Scottish Government (Architecture Place Delivery and Engagement), Glasgow City Council, Clyde Gateway and Improvement Service.


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A&DS Annual Review 2014 published

Architecture and Design Scotland has published its Annual Review of 2014 outlining a wide range of work and activities across Scotland.

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