Delivering Value: Maximising impact and influence

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The Urbanism team at A&DS helped organise and report on the Heads of Planning Scotland [HOPS] conference 2012. The theme of the conference was ‘Delivering Value: Maximising impact and influence’. The purpose was to look at both the nature of the impacts planning of our places can deliver with people and the way to achieve them. A key theme emerging from the conference was integration, in terms of the links between spatial planning and community planning, and in terms of the decision making and bridges necessary to achieve impacts between communities and public institutions.

Diarmaid Lawlor, Head of Urbanism produced two newsletters from the event.

Delivering Value – HOPS conference newsletter Day 1

Delivering Value – HOPS Conference Newsletter Day 2

The focus of the Day 1 newsletter addresses issues of ‘place’ and ‘performance’ through planning. These issues were initiated and developed by Colin Mair of Improvement Services in terms of how we use public resources in our places to achieve the best impacts for communities; Professor David Adams of Glasgow University on ‘plan shaped markets’, and Jim Birrell of HOPS on the new Planning performance Framework, setting out how success can be measured. The day also included consideration of the next phase of E-planning presented by John McNairney and Graham Jones of Scottish Government. In terms of maximising impact and influence, some key themes around value emerged: value to ‘who’, the ‘how’ of value creation and ‘what’ of value assessment.

The focus of the Day 2 newsletter addresses the issue of ‘impacts’, how they are achieved, by who, at what scale. These themes were developed by the speakers, Dr. Harry Burns OBE, Fulbright Professor Juliana Maantry, and Louise MacDonald of Young Scot, and particularly through some excellent case studies from Glasgow: stalled spaces presented by Seamus Connolly of the City Council, the East End Local Development Strategy presented by Rosemary Robertson, the Haghill community story presented by George Chalmers of Milnbank Housing Association and a toolkit for integrating health into planning presented by Willie Miller. Key issues from these presentations and debates include considerations such as data, time relationships, sustainable resourcing, partnerships and bridging between communities and institutions.

Image: Picture of a mural in Glasgow taken from Dr. Harry Burns’ presentation about the importance of place in achieving health.


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