“Delivering Better Places” published in the European Union

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‘Delivering Better Places’ has been published by the European Urban Knowledge Network [EUKN] as an example of good practice, a shared resource for learning for all stakeholders involved in achieving better places on the ground. The EUKN shares knowledge and experience on tackling urban issues, drawn from research and practice across Europe. The key objective is to enhance the exchange of knowledge and expertise on urban development throughout Europe, bridging urban policy, research and practice. Publication of ‘Delivering Better Places’ on this network is an important achievement, demonstrating the value of research originating in Scotland, and the open-ness to cross territory collaboration at EU level. The EUKN link to the research is here.

‘Delivering Better Places’ is a set of lessons for building better places in Scotland drawn from case studies across Europe. The research emphasises an approach to linking placemaking and market making around five key stages: anticipation [briefing and outcomes], initiation [kickstarting action], design [developing the spatial framework], implementation [making things happen] and stewardship [taking care of the place to build value over time].

Themes from ‘Delivering Better Places’ were explored at the second annual Design Skills Symposium in Stirling 2011. Learning resources from the Symposium are available here.

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After three days of intensive and collaborative work we say goodbye to sunny Stirling following this year's Design Skills Symposium.

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