Creating healthy living neighbourhoods

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The Academy of Urbanism 2011 Annual Congress (11th-13th May 2011) in Glasgow focused on the theme of neighbourhoods. Within the Congress, the Living Neighbourhoods (12th May) session focused on housing and health. The objective of the session was to draw out some of the issues and challenges to create better places to live for all members of society.

The workshop included insights from 3 speakers:

Professor George Morris (Scientific Advisor to Scottish Government) on the political initiatives on health in Scotland such as Shifting the Balance of Care and Better Places Better Health.

Foster Evans( Employers in Voluntary Housing) on community empowerment and the role and knowledge of housing associations,

Heather Chapple (Architecture and Design Scotland) on the different approaches to the provision of public services and the associated planning of the physical infrastructure of communities.

For more information download the workshop report


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