CPD in Urban Design Representation

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Urban Design Representation

Continuing Professional Development

The CPD in Urban Design Representation is an intensive learning experience offered by the Department of Architecture at the University of Strathclyde and tailored for planning and design professionals with little or no experience with graphics and representation software.

You will learn to visualise ideas and proposals: from image editing, to diagrams, from concept sketches to 3D modelling. You will have a dedicated account with access to software and handouts, with tutors guiding you every step of the way. The course will cover:

  • the role of computer design software in representing ideas; project & theories of urban design;
  • basics of design representation and introductory exercises to relevant software;
  • insights on how to combine softwares in the representation process; practical examples of representing design proposals.


Skills and Abilities

By attending the Urban Design Representation CPD you will gain:

  • an awareness of different methods of urban design representation, the relation between knowledge, concept, representation and built form and the benefits and shortcomings of different forms of representation.
  • knowledge of urban design representation theories; effective and ineffective representation techniques and how to utilise/avoid them properly; urban design representation methods and techniques in different moments of the urban design process.
  • an understanding of the relevance of different illustrative techniques; the implications of specific representational approaches; the descriptive role of urban design representation.
  • the ability to choose and develop appropriate representational means for specific stages of a project; master at least one representational method to produce high-quality images; create descriptive representations of urban design proposals.
  • the ability understand the role of (different) computer design programmes and utilise them effectively in the design process.


Further Details

Link for the CPD Series Leaflet: UDR_2017_leaflet

For more details and booking information head to: University of Strathclyde website

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