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Our Corporate Strategy

This is a plain text version of the presentation available on A&DS website. It outlines the work to date on our new Corporate Strategy.


Your Feedback

2020 has shown the importance of place.

Covid-19 has challenged so much that we took for granted. ​

The impact of the pandemic on people’s lives and places has been profound. 

It is in this context that Architecture and Design Scotland has been finalising its strategy for the next 10 years. 

How can our places be designed to support our recovery as well as tackling the issues that we faced before the pandemic, such as the climate emergency, demographic change and inequality?

Where are we now?

In our proposed strategy we set out how we believe place and design can shape a better, more sustainable, future for Scotland. We can’t do that on our own. Our focus will be to see the Place Principle become a reality. In the context of the Place Principle our specific focus will be on the built environment.  Here is a link to the Scottish Government’s website outlining the background to the Place Principle.

What You Told Us

At the start of 2020 we met with a number of individuals and organisations with an interest in how we create our places. From these sessions we collected learning and insight. This insight has influenced our Corporate Strategy as it stands today. The strategy is still in draft format, but we would like your input on our proposal. 

Here is what we heard from you, and how we propose to respond.

You Said

  • The Public Sector needs to lead by example​
  •  We need to make sure that feedback on policy reaches Ministers/Scottish Government

We Will

  • Champion design and collaboration
  • This will include advocating the benefits of good design, celebrating success and feeding back to Ministers. 

You Said

  • We need help to connect the different groups that need to come together to make the Place Principle a reality.
  • We need shared visions of what should be achieved in a place.

We Will

  • Connect people and organisations to create thriving places.
  • This looks at testing new ways to collaboration, building strong relationships and testing how the Place Principle is used.

You Said

  • We need to gather evidence of what can be done.
  • We need new models of practice and a new “business as usual”

We Will

  • Share insight from practice to grow capacity across Scotland.
  • Joining up the experience of those who “have done” with those who “will do”, gather insights to share with key decision makers and building a knowledge base.

You Said

  • We need advice and support on specific projects. 
  • We need the right skills and experience in the right place, at the right time.

We Will

  • Provide advice on projects, bringing a wide range of skills. 
  • Helping arrive at good spatial planning through collaboration – supporting skills, methods and capacity.

How we believe our work will lead to a change  – our theory of change

If We:

  • Champion the benefits of systems based on place collaboration
  • Work with people who are open to lasting change
  • Support changes on the ground and take learning from it

And Then:

  • Share what we learn from projects with other projects across Scotland
  • Champion the benefits of the Place Principle to a wide audience, including policy makers

So That:

  • A critical mass of people involved in planning, designing, delivering and sustaining Scotland’s places think about, set themselves up and do things differently, making the Place Principle an everyday reality.

We Get:

  • A Scotland whose places are healthy, sustainable and thriving where we all work together to shape their future and face our challenges.


About You

We would like your feedback on the following three questions:

  1. What has changed in your world since we met?
  2. As it stands will our strategy support your work?
  3. Will what we propose help implement the Place Principle?


Thank you for participating in our Corporate Strategy Development.

If you have questions or comment please email

Click on this link to answer these questions alongside a few questions about yourself. All your answers will be treated in confidence.

If you would like to fill in the form or answer the questions in a different format please let us know.


This post was updated in September 2020.


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