Community led regeneration: review of research by Scottish Government

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Scottish Government have published two research papers on the issue of ‘Community led regeneration’. The purpose of the research is to identify what community led regeneration means, how it works and what the issues and challenges in sharing knowledge on different approaches are.

The research papers are available for download here:

The Neilston Renaissance Towns process is one of the projects referred to in the reporting.

In June 2009 A&DS supported the Neilston Renaissance Town Charter, as part of the Scottish Renaissance Towns Initiative with Neilston Development Trust, Barrhead Housing Association and East Renfrewshire Council. The charter illustrated what can be achieved when a local community takes the initiative to shape its own future. The people of Neilston embraced the concept of re-designing their town by combining the history and heritage of the village with a vision of modernisation and sustainable economic growth.


Place and leadership

The cross-party group of the Scottish Parliament on Architecture and the Built Environment were presented with the findings of...

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