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Many people who are asked to contribute to a development project (for a new or substantially changed healthcare facility) will not have been clients for a building project before, and can feel bewildered by the process and how best to engage in it. However effective engagement by stakeholders is crucial if the project is to benefit from their expertise.

To engage effectively in this process you do not need to be an expert on buildings or procurement and finance, however you will need to have an understanding of the context in which you are working and the factors that you can influence that can make a difference to the likely success of the project.

These leaflets are short reference guides for those new to this role. There is a more detailed guide for clinicians who are members of steering groups and/or project boards and a brief guide for people who are members of stakeholder groups, but who are not taking a leadership role in the project.

They include advice on the client’s role, briefing, selecting a delivery team, developing designs and a detailled glossary of terms you may come across. The guides also contain a wide range of links to further information.

Contributing to the Commissioning of Healthcare Developments – a brief guide for members of Stakeholder Groups

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