Five reasons we should take collective climate action in Scotland’s towns

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Our Climate Action Towns project is supporting communities to take collective place-based climate action in seven small Scottish towns. But what does this actually mean, and why do it? Here are five good reasons.

  1. Did you know that half of Scotland’s population lives in Towns? So it is important that our towns, as well as our cities, start to take action to tackle the climate emergency.
  2. Every town in Scotland is different, with its own unique history, people and geography. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to adapting to the impacts of climate change; what works in one place won’t be right for another.
  3. Bringing together all members of the community along with stakeholders such as the local authority, local businesses, and third sector organisations to discuss issues and co-design opportunities helps to ensure that the solution works for the town and the people living there.
  4. Acting on Climate Change can have additional benefits for the community, such as saving carbon emissions by using cars less, which can lead to healthier people from walking and cycling more.
  5. Working together for your town ensures that you not only value and have a stake in and decisions, but you can also learn from each other, building networks between local community groups, businesses and other stakeholders.

Find out more about place-based climate action in this short animation 

Taking climate action collectively can be challenging. If you want to know more we have lots of learning to share from the Climate Action towns project.

Click here to hear from some of the people we have worked with in the first year of our project.

If you need any information contact us at

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