Clearing the Barriers

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The Scottish Government Directorate for the Built Environment has published a research report on ‘Barriers to delivering mixed use development’. The report states that “it may be possible for A&DS to take on an enhanced advocacy role in promoting the delivery of mixed use development particularly in the context of planning reform and the economic downturn.”

Speaking after the launch of the publication a spokesman for A&DS said:

“This research into delivering mixed use development is a vital contribution to the debate on how to best deliver on the possibilities of planning reform. The research was commissioned not to remake the case for more mixed use development. Instead it explores whether the perceptions of mixed use are correct, attempting to identify why and where mixed use development has and has not occurred and to highlight barriers and the enabling factors.

“At A&DS we welcome the highlighting of the opportunity that may exist for A&DS to play a more significant role in turning policy into positive action.”

The research concludes that:

“Planning reform in Scotland presents an ideal opportunity to put in place appropriate interventions to deliver more and better quality mixed use development and this will require appropriate skills. In the current economic downturn there are likely to be very significant opportunities to stimulate and deliver appropriate mixed use development using new kinds of ‘delivery models’. Local planning authorities in Scotland could adopt a more proactive role to sponsor, pilot, promote and deliver mixed use development projects. Scotland could at this time use this research to start to lead the way in demonstrating how to deliver high quality mixed use development.”

The final report on ‘Barriers to delivering mixed use development’ can be found here.

The research findings on ‘Barriers to delivering mixed use development’ can be found here.


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