City Visions 1910 | 2010

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Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, 2010. Courtesy: muf architecture/art/J&L Gibbons

City Vision 1910 I 2010, a major new exhibition that can currently be seen at The Lighthouse, celebrates the centenary of the ‘General Town Planning Exhibition in Berlin’ 1910 – a key event in terms of promoting urban planning and design. Displaying visionary projects from four cities – Berlin, London, Paris and Chicago – the exhibition takes a fresh look at the ideas and projects from 100 years ago and places them alongside new work shaping these major urban centres today.

The exhibition provides an opportunity to stimulate discussion around key issues in the transformation and regeneration of our cities, particularly in the context of urban planning. It aims to inspire policy makers, local communities, practitioners and members of the general public in relation to how good ideas can be realised.


Urban planning competition for Greater Berlin 1908/1910, New-Berlin around South Central Station © Architekurmuseum der Technischen Universität Berlin

Exhibition Background

The 1910 “General Town Planning Exhibition” in Berlin helped establish town planning as a profession with its own visions, principles and methods. In August 2010, sections of the exhibition were presented at the International Town Planning Conference in London, organised by the Royal Institute of British Architecture (RIBA). It was the first time that an exhibition had given a comprehensive account of the reality of the built environment of metropolitan areas in the industrial age. The exhibition’s message was that the problems of large cities could only be overcome with a multi-disciplinary approach to town planning.

The City Visions 1910 | 2010 exhibition celebrates the centenary of these exhibitions and compares two moments in time: 1910 and 2010. The exhibition concentrates on four metropolitan cities – Berlin, Paris, London and Chicago. It features outstanding urban planning projects from 1910 and 2010 which demonstrate how planners have sought to tackle the challenges that are facing our cities.


Plan of Grant Park, Chicago. Courtesy Chicago History Museum

Shown at the Architecture Forum in the Berlin University of Technology (TU) from October to December 2010, the exhibition attracted over 4,000 visitors.

The City Visions 1910 | 2010 exhibition is being brought to Glasgow by the Museum of Architecture Berlin University of Technology, Architecture and Design Scotland, Design for London and the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development.

The UK Exhibition ’City Visions 1910 I 2010’ was curated by Cordelia Polinna (Berlin University of Technology/Think Berl!n), Tobias Goevert and Kalin Coromina (Design for London). Exhibition design: Axel Feldmann (Objectif)


Making Space in Dalston. Courtesy: muf architecture/art/J&L Gibbons LLP

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