The Place Standard Case Studies

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This series of case studies from Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) illustrates how the Place Standard tool has been used in a variety of ways and at a range of scales to inform spatial planning community planning, design and development.

The practitioners and organisations featured in the case studies explain their reason for using the tool, the methods they applied, their approach to empowering local communities and the impact this has had. They also share their perceptions of the tool, the knowledge gained in using it as well as any valuable lessons learned and worth sharing with others.

Place Standard Case Studies

Case Study: Place Standard in Planning – Local Authority Scale

Case Study: Place Standard in Planning – Focus on Argyll and Bute Council

Case Study: Place Standard in Planning – City District Scale


You can also explore older Place Standard case studies from the early testing of the tool, or find out more about Architecture and Design Scotland’s work on The Place Standard.

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