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The West Centre is an award winning child and family centre in Drumchapel, Glasgow. The centre was built to form a ”one stop shop” for medical and social support services for families and children with ongoing medical issues in west Glasgow and the wider area.

The building is a three storey block running parallel to the main road through Drumchapel. Between it and the road is a garden area, and parking is provided at the back. The ground floor contains admin, varied multiuse rooms, and some consulting areas, with the majority of the consulting rooms on the first floor. The second floor is used by admin teams and outreach staff. The building works well as it has a very simple, clear plan, which enables easy movement throughout and all rooms to have views to the surroudings.

One of the key strengths of the project is the dedicated art strategy. The client groups felt very strongly that the art should be integrated not only into the form of the building, but also that the users should able to directly interact with it.

The building holds true to its fundamental aim, to not feel like a health building. It is a building that seems to not take itself very seriously, it is playful and irreverent in places, but it is extremely serious about its role in people’s lives and the community, both as a safe place for children and families, and as a civic building.



they feel this is a fantastic building and when they have parents coming in and saying, ‘oh wow, this is a fabulous building, we went past it because we couldn’t believe this would be an NHS building’ and I think, that’s when you know and, actually, looking at the reaction of the children, as well, they are happy to come here, even though difficult things might happen to them while they’re here, they’re still happy to come.

Alison Morrison, a clinical lead involved in the project

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