Case Study: The Shields Centre

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This community hub in Pollokshields, Glasgow integrates traditional GP services with local social work services and community initiatives.

The Shields Centre, a new health and social care facility for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde expands on the idea of what a health centre embodies. The new centre offers traditional medical services with two GP practices on the ground floor, but also acts as a community hub  bringing together local social work services, health initiatives and a community garden.

Download this case study to find out more about how:

  • The new building successfully integrates traditional healthcare services with social work services and community initiatives.
  • An extensive period of consultation enabled community members and stakeholder organisations to influence the design.
  • The adaptive design was able to accommodate a change in the scope of the project at a relatively late stage.
  • The design achieves an on street presence in a built up urban area.
  • An on-site community garden forms an important part of the centre as a community teaching resource and rehabilitation tool.


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