Case Study: St Olav’s Hospital, Trondheim, and Springfield University Hospital, London

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Download: Masterplanning Health: A brief guide for Health Boards

Masterplanning is crucial to ensure an environment contributes positively to our health and wellbeing because it creates a shared vision for projects to follow. This leads to consistency in a place and better design outcomes overall. A healthy place can lower stress, affect our receptiveness to treatment, our recovery and how we feel about the service we receive.

Masterplanning Health A Brief Guide for Health Boards
Masterplanning Health A Brief Guide for Health Boards (2008)

This is why A&DS compiled case studies on St Olav’s Hospital and Springfield University Hospital as part of Masterplanning Health: A Brief Guide for Health Boards (2008).  The report shows where a design-led process brought real value to the health authority. Below are extracts from the two case studies, available to download.

St Olav’s Hospital,Trondheim

Designed by Helsebygg Midt-Norge for St Olav’s Hospital and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the hospital shows how a strong masterplan and committed client can create a positive hospital environment where the needs of the patient are central. St Olav’s is a £1.1 billion redevelopment of a university hospital on an existing city centre site. Almost all existing stock of existing buildings were unfit for purpose. The hospital replaced these gradually through a 10 year phased construction programme.

Development: St Olav's Hospital • Location: Trondheim • Credit: Gier Otto Johansen
St Olav’s Hospital Women and Children’s Centre Courtyard (Credit: Gier Otto Johansen)

Springfield University Hospital, London

Designed by Urban Strategies Inc for South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust, the Hospital masterplan established a vision for a healing environment. Shared by stakeholders and the community, Springfield University provides connections for Wandsworth and Tooting. The three-person team is led by Andrew Simpson. Acting as the Trust’s Design Champion, he provides leadership with a determination to utilise the site’s assets to the advantage of the Hospital and the wider community.

Approach of Chapel Square (Credit: Urban Strategies Inc)
Approach of Chapel Square, Springfield Hospital (Credit: Urban Strategies Inc)

Following a design competition in 2004, the health board selected a masterplanner. The process took 18 months, completing in 2005. The selected team gave an imaginative approach to the development, coupled with skillful management of the extensive consultation process. The team sought stakeholder consultation and input at every stage to create a shared vision for the future of Springfield. As a result, the 50 page document illustrates this vision and establishes the principles for the site regeneration. The masterplan is flexible, illustrating the use of each of the city blocks and creates a sense of place.

Glenburnie Road, Springfield Hospital | Approach | External recreational areas | Social
Glenburnie Road Approach, Springfield Hospital (Credit: Urban Strategies Inc)



Further Information

This guide is written for professionals involved in the masterplanning of large hospital sites. the report shows good practice in healthcare infrastructure and is available for download.  Further links are available below.

Masterplanning Health: A Brief Guide for Health Boards (2008).

Creating Successful Masterplans : a guide for clients (2004)

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