Case Study 18 – The Long House

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Project Name: The Long House

Building Type: Residential

Location: Husabost, Isle of Skye

Architect: Rural Design

Project: The Long House at Husabost develops the simple building typology found in the Isle of Skye. This is based on a low single, narrow plan, together with additions in the form of the traditional ‘lean-to’ form. Timber frame construction is now the default method of construction for housing in the highlands of Scotland. The main benefits of this being speed of construction in very poor weather. Timber also allows the creation of very low energy homes through the use of deep wall frames packed with insulation.

Materials Featured: Douglas Fir, European Larch, Scottish Larch, Corrugated sheeting

Carbon Conscious Towns Case Studies

These Case Studies identify two towns in Scotland working on the ground to deliver on the 8 Principles of a Carbon Conscious Place: Dumfries and Leven

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