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Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) has launched its latest publication Case Notes: Client Leadership’. The publication was developed by A&DS as part of our work with the Scottish Government Health Directorates. ‘Case Notes’ was unveiled at the NHSScotland national conference by Dr Kevin Woods, Director General Health and Chief Executive NHSScotland.

‘Case Notes : Client leadership’ features the work of seven inspirational clients and draws lessons on the key factors to their success in the delivery of exemplary healthcare buildings. In his introduction the publication, Gareth Hoskins, Scotland’s Healthcare Design Champion, says: “Here we celebrate the clients behind some of the most successful healthcare buildings recently established in the United Kingdom and learn lessons from their hard work and leadership. Each client has delivered award-winning buildings, places that lift the human spirit and support our wellbeing; healthcare facilities that embody the ethos of the NHS and offer its users an ‘Architecture of Hope’.

Dr Woods said:

I am delighted to be associated with this publication to which I have given a foreword.

He made explicit the high aspiration he holds for NHSScotland’s estate and the expectation that the current investment programme must and will deliver great places that support staff and improve the wellbeing of patients. He called upon Boards to heed the lessons in the publication – to be expert and demanding clients – and challenged architects and developers to produce therapeutic places.

Designed to raise the profile and understanding of the role of client leadership, the publication should be of interest and benefit to Board Members considering the role of the built estate in supporting services, and for non- estates staff involved in the briefing and design of new buildings.

Case Notes: Client Leadership

Case Notes: Client leadership features the work of seven inspirational clients and draws lessons on the key factors to their success in the deliver

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