Building Offsite: An Introduction

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Building Offsite: An Introduction was funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES). The content was produced by an industry and academic collaboration of CCG (OSM), Stewart Milne Timber Systems, Edinburgh Napier University and Heriot Watt University in partnership with Architecture and Design Scotland (A+DS). This publication is endorsed by RIBA CPD.

The wider UKCES project remit was to create a Scottish Offsite Construction HUB as a centre of expertise, responsible for defining and showcasing skills requirements and ensuring collaboration between professions. Following the success of the UKCES project, the HUB concept is to be taken forward by the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) to ensure companies across the industry have an understanding of the interaction between the principles of design, construction, manufacturing and engineering, and that they are all maintaining high standards.

The CSIC Offsite HUB will continue to develop practical and interactive learning material to share sector-wide, applying the process developed via the project – upskilling the workforce and creating high level training materials on managing and delivering offsite construction. This document provides a starting point for raising awareness of the principles of offsite construction among various stakeholders, in particular clients and designers. This was identified as a clear need through the project’s skills needs analysis.

This introductory publication covers:

Offsite Construction: an overview of offsite construction, its advantages and barriers to uptake

Building in a Factory Environment: production, automation, design for manufacture and assembly

Case Studies: a series of exemplar case studies showcasing offsite construction.

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