Board Recruitment – Awareness Event Glasgow

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17-01-2019 - 17-01-2019 17:00 - 18:30 The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, G1 3NUView on map

We are looking for four people to join Architecture and Design Scotland’s Board

Our role is to help people – whether by enabling them to get more involved in shaping the places they live in or improving the design of the buildings they use. Well-designed buildings and places make the very best use of our resources and create places that help people and communities to flourish.

A&DS has organised a series of events, open to prospective applicants to learn more about our work, how we fulfil our responsibilities, and the expectations of being a board member. The events are an informal opportunity to hear from current board members.

We are also holding an event in Edinburgh:
14 January, 9 Bakehouse Close, 146 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8DD

If you would like to attend one of these events or would like further details, please contact us on or call 0131 556 6699.

Find out more about our current Board recruitment here. 

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