Best Use of Timber Awards – Exhibition 2012

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Best Use of Timber Awards – Exhibition

The Best Use of Timber Awards exhibition showcased the winner and shortlisted entries to the annual RIAS Awards scheme, which combined with Forestry Commission Scotland and Wood for Good to sponsor this new award. The Award is aimed at encouraging innovative and creative use of timber in new buildings in Scotland. The exhibition was displayed in the Sust. Gallery of The Lighthouse in March 2013.

The award seeks to stimulate greater appreciation of home grown timber and its potential for use in construction, with added consideration given to thoughtful and appropriate use of different species. Technical competence is of course paramount and the design and detail of how the timber is used was as much a part of the assessment criteria as imagination and overall architectural excellence. There is no restriction on building type or scale of project – from small to large and from domestic to commercial, the challenge is to show how suited the use of timber is to the development of new architecture in Scotland.

The judging panel, led by RIAS President Sholto Humphries, included Dr Anne Lorne Gillies, Scottish singer, songwriter, broadcaster, author and academic, Robert Dye of Robert Dye Associates, London and Peter Wilson, Director of the Wood Studio at Edinburgh Napier University.

The winner and shortlisted entries were:



Model ‘D’ House
Gokay Deveci Chartered Architect (Client: Sylvan Stuart Ltd. Timber Engineers and Log Construction)

Location: Old Rayne, Insch, Aberdeenshire
Date Completed: October 2011
Building Type: Residential
Architect: Gokay Deveci Chartered Architect
Client: Sylvan Stuart Ltd. Timber Engineers and Log Construction
Contract value: £140,000
Main Contractor: Sylvan Stuart Ltd
Timber Supplier: James Jones & Sons Ltd

“This alternative contemporary design draws upon the architectural language of traditional agricultural buildings. Large windows in the south façade take advantage of solar gain and maximise views. An external rain screen provides shading and privacy. This highly energy efficient home utilises its setting and natural daylight to radically reduce costs. The Model ‘D’ House is a model for affordable housing stock in the countryside.”
(Judging Panel)

The Award recognises the innovation and sustainable design of this timber framed, timber-clad prototype for developer housing in the countryside. It is a huge credit to both its architects and the inspired developer, Sylvan Stuart Ltd.

We are delighted that this Award celebrates a truly innovative and creative use of home-grown timber.
(Andy Leitch of Forestry Commission Scotland)

Shortlisted Projects:


Bogbain Mill by Rural Design

Location: Loch Ussie, by Maryborough
Date Completed: September 2011
Building Type: Residential
Architect: Rural Design
Client: N/A
Contract value: N/A
Timber Supplier: Cromartie Timber and Russwood


Grödians, by Richard Gibson Architects

Location: Quoys, Lerwick, Shetland
Date Completed: May 2010
Building Type: Residential
Architect: Richard Gibson Architects
Client: Hjaltland Housing Association Ltd
Contract value: £4.5m
Main Contractor: E&H Building Contractors
Timber Supplier: James Donaldson Timber Ltd and International Timber


Heriot’s Centre for Sport and Exercise by LDN Architects LL

Location: George Heriot’s School, 2 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh.
Date Completed: January 2012
Building Type: Education
Architect: LDN Architects LL
Client: George Heriot’s Trust
Contract value: N/A
Main Contractor: John Dennis and Company Ltd
Timber Supplier: Finnforest Merk of Germany


House at Boreraig by Dulchas Building Design
Location: Isle of Skye
Date Completed: September 2010
Building Type: Residential
Architect: Dulchas Building Design
Client: Dominic Houlder
Contract value: £470,000
Main Contractor: Donald MacKenzie of Dunvegan
Timber Supplier: Caley Timber


Loch Leven Bird Hide by Icosis Architects
Location: West shore of Loch Leven, Fife.
Date Completed: October 2011
Building Type: Public
Architect: Icosis Architects
Client: The Rural Access Committee for Kinross-shire (TRACKS)
Contract value: £12k foundations / £22k Timber elements
Main Contractor: Hutton & Read Ltd
Timber Supplier: Russwood

The exhibition has been curated by Architecture and Design Scotland, Scotland’s champion for architecture and the built environment, on behalf of Forestry Commission Scotland and Wood for Good.

Exhibition and Graphic Design

James Cargill

Exhibition Production


Image credits:

Model D House: Stuart Johnstone Photography
Bogbain Mill: Andrew Lee
Grödians: Phatsheep Photography
Heriot’s Centre for Sport and Exercise: Paul Zanre
House at Boreraig: Andrew Lee
Loch Leven Bird Hide: Icosis Architects


Best Use of Timber Awards Exhibition

Best Use of Timber Awards: projects range from small to large and from domestic to commercial – showcasing the benefit of timber in new architecture

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