Archiprix vs Fear of Conflict

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Archiprix as an urban provocateur in Moscow’s bureaucratic inertia.

This years Archiprix events are being hosted in Moscow. 80 architecture graduates from around the world have gathered in the Russian capital to participate in a series of lectures, workshops and events culminating in the Hunter Douglas awards ceremony on Friday 24th May.

UK Participants
Two graduates from the UK are in the final shortlist of 25 David O’Reilly, pictured left, from the Mackintosh School of Architecture and�Jonathan Schofield, pictured right, from The University of Westminster School of Architecture & Built Environment.

Davids project will be exhibited on the Noticed Board at the Lighthouse, Glasgow, from the 31st of May until the 3rd July. When David was first nominated he spoke to me about the motivations behind his work, you can find this article here.


The activities in Russia are coordinated by Bart Goldhoorn, founder of the Project Russia publication, who set the brief for the workshops:

WHAT IF….. Desacralizing Moscow’s Urban Planning’s Holy Cows.

The magic word here is Stability: in keeping everything as it is….

…. Though people seem to agree that things are bad as they are, they are against change since they think everything will only get worse. This kind of stability has a paralyzing effect on urban planning….

…. Soviet and post Soviet rules are not meant to be negotiable – each law represent the power of a specific groups of bureaucrats. Moreover, nobody is ready to sacrifice ones own interest or principles for the common good, simply because nobody believes there is a common good….

…. The Soviet belief in collectivity has been replaced by the belief in the pursue of self-interest. As a result everything becomes untouchable, sacred….

…. Nothing changes because everybody is afraid of conflict. And in Russia you never know where you end up: in the courthouse, in prison or even worse.

For the full article by Bart Goldhoorn, click here.

Bart introduced the brief to all the participants at the welcome presentations on wednesday 15th May, this was followed up by words from Moscow’s chief architect, Sergei Kuznetsov, who set out the some of the challenges that the city faces including: competing on the world stage and changing the bureaucracy behind developing a better city for the people. Sergei Said that he would like to see boundless, wild, radical and out of the box ideas from the Archiprix workshops that would stimulate debate and change for the future of Moscow.

Each of the six workshops look at a different theme or problem in Moscow:

The Green
Urban Re-personalisation
Military and Secret Service Zones

Follow the links to the Archiprix website for each brief and details of workshop progress.

Selecting the correct stone

This is a pre-recorded CPD by SFGB which will have industry experts for the live Q&A on selecting the correct stone.

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