Annual Review 2020: Our People

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Our People 2020 Jim MacDonald, Chief Executive of A&DS, writes; Last year demanded more from our team than perhaps any other so I want to thank our staff and board members for their dedication to the cause in 2020.

To highlight this, the stories we have gathered here illustrate how we have changed the way we work to support our partners and how everyone’s relationship with place has changed along the way.

This experience has demonstrated yet again how important places are to the quality of people’s lives and how important it is that they are well designed. It has also shown how we can make use of digital platforms to engage more widely and with more people in our work. I look forward to seeing the benefits of this in 2021 and to sharing more stories of about our amazing and inspiring work.

Snapshots from 2020

Thoughts on Covid-19 Recovery: Bright Ideas to Build Back Better

Throughout 2020 and the first lockdown, A&DS Board Members reflected on how the potential recovery could look to our built environment. Drawing from a wealth of personal and professional experience, our board wrote a five-part series covering broad topics from green infrastructure and big data the to the potential of a circular economy approach to our town centres. All of these blogs are posted below:

Further Information

Annual Review 2020: Our Year in Review

Despite the challenges of lockdown, and the closure of our offices, A&DS has continued to deliver high quality and important work. We review our year.

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