Annual Report 09/10

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A&DS (Architecture and Design Scotland) has released its Annual Report and Financial Report for 2009/10.

In his report Chief Executive Jim MacDonald says

This annual report outlines the tremendous work that A&DS staff carried out in 2009/10 and highlights where our programmes have focused their efforts to raise aspirations, deliver planning reform and support the creation of successful sustainable places. I am acutely aware that the future of A&DS will be built on these firm foundations and, as we were asked to in our Governance review, we will continue to champion good design by working in a focused and proportionate manner.

The last few years have been extremely testing for the built environment industry as the credit crunch has taken its toll. We are fortunate in have a Chair and board who have a broad experience in the sector and who appreciate the impact that this has had on the sector and who also know about the practical frustrations which prevent better design in the planning, procurement and development process.

With pressures on budgets in the public sector there could be a fear that design quality could be put to one side in new developments as a false economy. I am confident, however, the Scottish Government’s continuing commitment to the creation of successful sustainable places that both public and private sector organisations can be shown that the key to long-terms savings and efficiencies is to engage positively and creatively in the design process.

As the Scottish Government’s design champion A&DS will work over the coming year: through our exhibitions for communities around the country, by working with planners to consider the spatial planning of our towns, or with public authorities to ensure that our civic buildings are of a lasting quality, to deliver the message that the design of our buildings and places matters.


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A&DS Annual Review 2014 published

Architecture and Design Scotland has published its Annual Review of 2014 outlining a wide range of work and activities across Scotland.

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