A&DS welcomes Scottish Government endorsement of Crawford Review

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Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) has welcomed the Scottish government’s endorsement of the independent review of construction procurement in the public sector, and looks forward to help establish a routemap for ‘Design Led Procurement’. Using design thinking prior to commencing procurement, and focusing the procurement process on delivering the most sustainable outcome, has the potential to revolutionise the quality and value delivered through public sector spending on buildings and infrastructure.

Outlining how this work might be implemented, Heather Chapple from A&DS, said the approach can build on examples of good practice that have been delivered across Scotland over recent years and normalise them across the public sector, helping authorities to:

  • Define strategic design objectives for the project at the outset and make them an intrinsic part of the means for measuring the success of the project. In the NHS, since 2010, all new significant projects must define how the design of the development must support patients, staff and visitors, and how the investment of that sum in the community will deliver wider benefits.
  • More readily build a team around them with the skills to deliver long-term value A recent commission through the SFT and hub was carried out on a fixed fee, quality based selection. It is estimated that the resultant design – in addition to being an excellent community building – will save around 22x the fee for developing the concept.

Ms Chapple concluded

The announcement is consistent with the direction of the Procurement Reform Bill which would place on public bodies a duty to act sustainability in procurement, increasing the emphasis how public investment can improve places and facilitating the involvement of SMEs. We are working to support clients to capitalise on the opportunities of such ways of thinking by communicating the evidence that this adds benefits, not costs, and we are also looking to the building industry to match that ambition.

A&DS made a submission to the Crawford review – for further details please contact press@ads.org.uk or call 0131 556 6699

Image:Eastwood Health and Care Centre, Gareth Hoskins Architects, taken from Scottish Futures Trust and Architecture + Design Scotland’s publication “Quality and Efficiency: Value for money lessons and performance measures from the Primary Care Reference Design Project”

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