A&DS Unveils New Video

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Architecture + Design Scotland has commissioned a series of short videos to highlight the positive impact that well designed buildings have on the people who use use them. Over the coming week we will be posting our videos that focus on 3 specific sectors – Healthcare, Education and Sustainability. Below is the overarching video which encompasses all of these themes.

These short videos all ask the question ‘Why does design matter?’.

The answer is a simple one – ‘Because this is our place’.


As Found: Lost Practice

The As Found: Lost Practice exhibition was shown as part of the Scotland + Venice exhibition

Scottish Scenic Routes

Competitions as part of the widely acclaimed Scottish Scenic Routes initiative was launched on Monday 10 August 2015.

A&DS Annual Review 2014 published

Architecture and Design Scotland has published its Annual Review of 2014 outlining a wide range of work and activities across Scotland.

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