A&DS Unveil 08/09 Annual Report

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Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) have unveiled their 2008/09 Annual Report. Writing in the introduction to the report A&DS Chair Raymond Young CBE says that:

During 2008/09 Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) has been continuing to focus on the creation of better places that benefit of Scotland’s people, economy and culture. There remains a pressing need for the creation of buildings and places of significant and lasting quality. The culture shift to turn this aspiration into reality has begun but there is still much to be done to ensure that this aim is instilled in all aspects of the development of our built environment.

In this annual report – our fourth – we concentrate on the contribution we make towards the Government’s main themes. Our staff and board have worked closely with Planning, Education, Health and Regeneration Government directorates; have contributed to a number of Government publications, including Planning Advice Note 83 on Masterplans; and have been involved in numerous seminars and conferences in order to advocate quality design solutions. During the year our working relationship with the Scottish Government matured and we welcomed the start of the Government’s Financial and Management Review that reported after the end of the year.

Our overarching role is one of championing and advocating better places. Our well visited website sets out examples of how good quality places contribute to the vibrancy, and success of a nation. We have also taken our message to the widest possible audience; working with STV we broadcast 1 minute programmes to every living room in Scotland with the simple message that ‘Design Matters’.

We look forward to continuing to play our part in the creation of a successful built environment in Scotland of which the nation can be proud.


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