A&DS response to Procurement Reform Bill Consultation

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Download: 2012 A&DS Procurement Reform Bill Response

In 2012 Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS)  submitted its comments on the Scottish Government’s Procurement Reform Bill Consultation Paper.

On launching the planned construction procurement review, to be led by Robin Crawford, Nicola Sturgeon the Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment, stated that,

“Scotland’s public sector spends over £2 billion per annum on construction-related contracts. The review will examine how we can improve the impact of this spending on Scotland’s economic growth and on the quality of Scotland’s built environment.”

This ambition is one we would support unequivocally and is a useful focus for our response to the current consultation.

Our response is limited to a series of observations related to the procurement of buildings and infrastructure together with answers to some of the individual questions listed in the consultation. This response was agreed as our formal response by members of our Planning and Consultations Sub-Committee on behalf of the Board on 30 October 2012.

The submission can be downloaded from this page.

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