A&DS Provides Comment to Finance Committee

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Chief Executive of Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) Sebastian Tombs has responded to a request from the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee asking for further comment on A&DS’s view on procurement and on the Scottish Government’s Scottish Futures Trust (SFT). A&DS has submitted written in December 2007 and board member Gareth Hoskins gave oral evidence on behalf of the organisation earlier this year.

Speaking about the response to the committee’s request Sebastian Tombs said:

We have previously set out for the Finance Committee the A&DS view on the 3 principles that should guide procurement – that policy and delivery should be linked; that there should be public leadership of procurement processes; and that procurement processes should recognise and value design quality.

We have specifically responded to the committee on issues related to the Scottish Futures Trust being a ‘Centre of Expertise’. The SFT’s aspiration of being a ‘provider of policy support, quality assurance, guidance and standardisation’ will best be met by acting upon A&DS’s three identified principles for procurement.

A&DS is actively seeking involvement in the establishment of the SFT to discuss how these principles may be enshrined in the remit and practices of the SFT as part of the intended ‘Quality Assurance approach to procurement’. We will also discuss with the SFT how they will employ the skills and experience needed to deliver the Government’s policies on architecture and designing places, and any areas of overlap with our remit as the Government’s Champion in this field.


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